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Pursuant to Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 16/679 (GDPR), we inform you of the following:


1. Data Controller


The Data Controller is Arti Grafiche Nidasio Digital S.R.L., – VAT No. IT11679500964 and Registered Office – pursuant to Art.4 of Regulation (EU) 16/679 – in Via De Vecchi, 23, 20090 Assago (MI), whose contact details are as follows Tel: +39 02 4882261, Fax: +39 02 4883373, e-mail: .


2. Purpose of the Processing


The processing, pursuant to Art. 6 of Regulation (EU) 16/679, is solely for the purpose of:


  1. (a) the performance of pre-contractual commercial activity (Art. 6, para. b),
  2. b) the correct and complete performance of the supply and/or service activities related to the commercial request made (Art. 6, letter b),
  3. c) the fulfilment of administrative accounting obligations and legal obligations in general (Art. 6(c)),
  4. d) for legitimate interest (Art. 6, letter f) exclusively for promotional information purposes or for updating products in which the data subject has shown an interest,
  5. e) to assert or defend a right of the Data Controller through the appropriate channels.


3. Categories of personal data


Pursuant to Art.4 of Regulation (EU) 16/679, the categories of personal data processed may be:


  1. a) personal data (Name, Surname, Company, Address, Telephone number, Email, Company logo, pictures and videos provided) for the purposes set out in section 2) above,


4. Obligatory or optional nature of provisions


The legal basis for the processing of Personal Data for the purposes referred to in section 2) is Art. 6(1)(b) of Regulation (EU) 16/679 as the processing is necessary for the provision of the contracted supplies and services. The provision of Personal Data for these purposes is optional, but failure to provide it would make it impossible to activate the supply and/or services requested.


5. Recipients and Categories of Recipients


Personal data may be shared, for the purposes set out in section 2) above, with:


  1. (a) parties typically acting as data controllers, namely: i) persons, companies or professional firms providing assistance and consultancy to the Data Controller in accounting, administrative, legal, tax and financial matters and in relation to the provision of services aimed at the shipment and delivery/replacement of the contracted products; (ii) or persons delegated to perform technical maintenance on the products supplied,
  2. (b) external managers or appointees, appointed by the Data Controller, for the printing and mailing of invoices and/or other documentation,
  3. c) subjects, bodies or authorities to whom it is mandatory to communicate personal data by virtue of legal provisions or orders by the Authorities,
  4. d) persons authorised by the Data Controller to process personal data necessary to carry out activities strictly related to the provision of supplies and services, who have committed themselves to confidentiality or are under an appropriate legal obligation of confidentiality, such as employees/associates of the Data Controller and persons in charge of processing.


The updated list of data processors is available from the Data Controller.


6. Place and Storage Period


The processing shall be carried out at the Data Controller’s Offices and at the premises of the appointed Data Processors, an updated list of which is available at the Data Controller’s Offices. The data will be stored using appropriate technical and organisational measures (Art.32 of Regulation (EU) 16/679), for the period strictly related to the fulfilment of the contracts entered into by the Customer and not exceeding the time stipulated by the specific obligation or applicable law.


7. Data processing methods


The processing will be carried out in an automated or partially automated manner and with instruments designed to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality. The main types of processing are as follows: collection, registration, organisation, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, and deletion (oblivion) of data. Regulation (EU) 16/679 – Information pursuant to Article 13 – Data Controller: Grafiche Nidasio Digital S.R.L. – Version June 2021 Page 2 of 2


8. Transfer of data outside the EU (European Union)


No transfer of data outside the European Union is envisaged, unless the data subject is explicitly notified and gives consent.


9. Rights of the data subject


The EU Regulation 16/679 confers on data subjects specific rights as set out in Art. 15 et seq. (16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23) and relating respectively to: right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure (oblivion), right to restriction of processing, right to portability, right to opposition, right to restriction.


The data subject may exercise rights for justified reasons by writing to:







Cookie policy


Use of cookies


The ‘Site’ ( uses cookies to make its services simple and efficient for users viewing the pages of Users viewing the Site will see minimal amounts of information inserted into the devices in use, whether computers or mobile devices, in small text files called ‘cookies’ saved in the directories used by the User’s web browser. There are various types of cookies, some to make the use of the Site more effective, others to enable certain functionalities.


Analysing them in detail, our cookies make it possible to:


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  • analyse the use of services and content provided by in order to optimise the browsing experience and services offered.


Types of Cookies


Technical cookies


This type of cookie allows certain sections of the Site to function properly. They are of two categories: permanent and session:


  • persistent: once the browser is closed, they are not destroyed but remain until a preset expiry date
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These cookies, always sent from our domain, are necessary to display the site correctly and in relation to the technical services offered, they will therefore always be used and sent, unless the user changes the settings in their browser (thus affecting the display of the site’s pages).


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Cookies in this category are used to collect information on the use of the site. will use this information for anonymous statistical analysis in order to improve the use of the Site and to make the content more interesting and relevant to the user’s wishes. This type of cookie collects data in an anonymous form on the activity of users and how they arrived at the Site. Analytical cookies are sent by the Site itself or by third-party domains.


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These are those cookies necessary to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user within the pages of the Site., according to current legislation, is not required to seek consent for technical and analytical cookies, as they are necessary to provide the services requested.


For all other types of cookies, consent may be expressed by the User in one or more of the following ways:


  • By means of specific configurations of the browser used or the relevant computer programmes used to navigate the pages that make up the Site.
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