Welcome to the digital age,

where printed paper becomes "smart"

Printing and innovation all in one

functional, creative, interactive

How it works

Easy to use, intuitive without using any applications, QRcode or camera on your device

1 Bring your smartphone near to the printed material

Bring your smartphone near to the printed material

by simply bringing your smartphone to 2 cm from the printed material, thanks to NFC technology, the multimedia content is instantly activated on your smartphone
2 It works with all printed materials

It works with all printed materials

we have designed solutions that allow you to benefit from this technology on any kind of printed material: catalogues, business cards, calendars, gift boxes, invitations, etc.
3 It works with all multimedia content

It works with all multimedia content

our IT platform can manage all kinds of content: websites, marketplaces, images, videos, statistics and complex processes. Again with no need for any Apps, we also manage interaction with smartphones and Augmented Reality
4 Let's make your project happen

Let’s make your project happen

we update your printed materials or create new products together. We take you through all the stages: graphics, printing, creation/re-use of multimedia content. Together we can also optimize your Business processes

The strong points of Lo Stampato Intelligente

Statistics and feedback

we provide the same statistics as online, with the opportunity of being notified for any use of the single copy

Content that can be modified over time

multimedia content that can be specialized by single copy and can be edited at any time, without having to re-print or re-distribute the paper product

New vehicle for multimedia content

we use a physical product to deliver multimedia content to the audience

Opening new scenarios

technology, printing capabilities and creativity enable us to constantly expand real use cases

More than just a WOW! effect


Welcome to the era when printing becomes smart

We have expanded communication with the idea of creating interaction between printed paper and the digital world. Today, the most widely used system for exchanging information is the smartphone through which multimedia interaction is possible. Here’s our innovation: a versatile, multi-purpose system with a patented SW platform that can deliver content in addition to the hard copy and analyse views. This is what “Lo Stampato Intelligente®” is all about


We are innovative thanks to our history

Our history in paper print production is the foundation of our experience. The most demanding customers, market demands, critical issues, design, and much more besides are part of what has led us to achieve excellence and know-how in the printing industry. We are celebrating 100 years of history with the interaction of technology between printing and multimedia. Our growth has enabled us to invest in the transition from one era to the next with the introduction of the innovative system of “Lo Stampato Intelligente®


Thanks to our services we can create everything you need

We accompany our customers throughout every phase, we use our expertise as an accelerator, creativity to design something new and concreteness to measure its potential and result


Together we can understand whether, where and how to use the new technology in the customer's specific context

Creativity and production

Graphics, feasibility study, coordination between printing and multimedia content… all this leads to the final product

Measure and modify

We measure the results and choose how to change the experience in real time for printed materials that are already produced and distributed

What if we go further?

Let's see how this new technology enables you to evolve your current business processes. And if needed, we can create new products for you that don't exist yet

Some of our achievements portfolio

Lo Stampato Intelligente

Lo Stampato Intelligente

Lo Stampato Intelligente

Lo Stampato Intelligente

Lo Stampato Intelligente


Simply with a mobile phone and without using any applications

You don't have to have any apps, nor do you have to open the video camera and scan a QRcode, just bring your phone near the printed material and it can activate the multimedia content thanks to NFC technology
No Apps

No Apps

no Apps are needed, it's instant: just bring your smartphone near with NFC on
Backward compatible with QRcode

Backward compatible with QRcode

for the QRcode nostalgics, we can replicate the same operation using a QRcode to be framed with the camera
Watch the augmented reality video

Direct interaction with your smartphone

Direct interaction with your smartphone

we make actions immediate such as launching the Google Maps navigator on your address, saving your business card including pictures to contacts, activating your camera and enriching your experience with Augmented Reality in 3D
Dedicated IT projects

Dedicated IT projects

we create projects tailored to customer needs, either completely independently or by interfacing with company systems

Our innovation is unique

  • Registered Trademark
  • Registered Software
  • Registered patent application

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