We believe that the best way to thank Regione Lombardia and the European Union is to explain how the grant we were assigned has enabled our company to develop its business.

Being able to cover part of the costs of setting up the booth allowed us to “think big” and make a specific product for this event: “The box that talks to you” based on the principle that informing potential consumers before the purchase, ensuring them the integrity of the packaging and the authenticity of the product they are about to buy are concrete values that help sell the product itself: this is why the packaging must speak and transfer this content. How? Simply by bringing your smartphone near the box: Lo Stampato Intelligente® technology triggers multimedia content on your smartphone (no apps, QR codes or cameras required) from a simple link to your website, maps, videos, physical chat or chatbot, and even Augmented Reality! Everything is always just by tapping the paper with your smartphone and the same technology applies to all other printed products: from catalogues to postcards, calendars to bookmarks, etc.

And what was the role of the grant we were assigned? It has enabled us to enter and win the Avant Garde competition (it also contains a short explanatory video) earning a designated exhibition space and an interview with which we made a number of international contacts that we will be developing over the coming weeks.

We close with thanks and in the belief that we have made the best use of the grant we received.