We adapt our tools to introduce ourselves!

Over the past year, we’ve seen the value of in-person meetings. We’ve learned to do a lot of things by videoconferencing, but we appreciate the importance of an in-person business meeting even more.

Now we need to have more effective tools to use in our meetings, tools that make an impact, that leave a memory of us and our company, but also give something to the other person..

Our solution is the smart hard copy (Lo Stampato Intelligente ®): all your materials (catalogues, brochures, business cards, gadgets, ….) can be made with this technology that allows your smartphone to interact with the printed material simply by tapping the paper – contactless!

You bring your smartphone near to it and a video starts playing, a website opens, your e-business card is saved directly in your customer’s contacts, Google Maps launches with the route to your office, Augmented Reality is activated… and much more besides.

Find several examples on our website and contact us to make your project a reality: